The Kroma Collective

We are a community of wellness experts and thought leaders joined together by our shared passion to inspire others to live their healthiest, most vibrant life. We believe that food is the gateway to a more fulfilled life, deeper connections and a better world.

How We Live Kroma

We believe in the power of food as medicine and that mother nature is our greatest resource to naturally fuel our mind, body, and soul. We are obsessed with Superfoods (and Adaptogens) because these nutrient-rich foods and super herbs are the most powerful preventative ‘medicine’ known to improve overall health and well-being.

Armed with the right tools – we can lead healthier, happier, more connected and engaged lives. We deserve it. And when we commit to the journey, the pursuit of health and wellness can transform us forever. True, there are no shortcuts on this path but venture that first step and the mind and body respond instantly, creating crazy-good energy that propels us forward. Beginning new actions and behaviors that turn into daily rituals; we discover that healthy choices have the power to heal and nourish every system of the body building strength and vitality from the inside out.

The Top Reasons to Join

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How it works
Share Vibrant Health
Share Vibrant Health

Receive (and share) a unique 10% off discount code and link with your community (first-time purchasers only).

Gain access to a detailed Kroma Collective Marketing Kit with brand and product talking points alongside social and email templates for easy sharing.

Live Kroma
Live Kroma

Receive a member-exclusive personal use discount towards all future Kroma Lifestyle Resets and Daily Essentials. Gain early access to new product innovations and collaborations + the ability to earn monthly product rewards and Kroma credits through ambassador incentives program.

Earn Commissions
Earn Commissions

Earn 10% commission on all first-time orders from your community and 5% commission on all returning orders (through your link).

Commissions are uncapped and automatically paid through PayPal at the end of each month.