Boost My Collagen Bone Broth


You know we love bone broth! It’s our favorite weapon for preventing collagen deficiency. Sipping on a cup of bone broth is the perfect way to nourish and heal your body with essential nutrients while also increasing collagen levels. That’s why we made this broth using nutrient-rich ingredients and our superfood 24K Chicken Bone Broth.



¼ C Kroma 24K Chicken Bone Broth

½ C Cauliflower, riced or chopped

½ C Spinach, chopped

⅛ C Red onion, sliced

⅛ C Red bell pepper, chopped

¼ C Mushrooms

¼ C Chicken, cooked + shredded or diced (optional)

Hot sauce (optional)



  1. Bring 16oz of water to a boil, then lower heat to a simmer
  2. Add Kroma 24K Chicken Bone Broth, cauliflower, spinach, red onion, red pepper, and mushrooms. Add cooked chicken if desired
  3. Cook for 3 minutes
  4. Add hot sauce (optional)