Blueberry Acai Smoothie Bowl

Undeniably delicious. For those mornings when you're looking to level up your smoothie game, this healthy smoothie bowl is the perfect answer. This smoothie bowl is thick enough to eat with a spoon, bursting with flavor from blueberries and acai, and topped with delicious superfoods like gluten-free granola, banana, hemp seeds, chia seeds, coconut, and a drizzle of our famous OMG Cookie Butter.



2 oz Coconut water

2 oz Almond milk

⅓ C Kroma Blueberry Acai Plant Protein Smoothie

⅛ C Frozen banana

⅛ C Frozen strawberries

⅛ C Frozen raspberries

1-2 T Gluten-free granola

1 T Hemp seeds

1 tsp Chia seeds

1-2 T Coconut shreds

1-2 T Kroma OMG Cookie Butter



  1. Blend coconut water, almond milk, Kroma Blueberry Acai Plant Protein Smoothie, and frozen fruit on low for 30 seconds. Repeat until smoothie has a thick, ice cream-like texture.
  2. Pour smoothie into a bowl and top with granola, seeds, coconut shreds, and Kroma OMG Cookie Butter.