Nourishing Vegetable Broth | Recipe and Benefits

You can’t turn on social media without seeing someone singing the praises of bone broth, but what if you are vegetarian or vegan? Are you forever without this healing elixir? 

Don’t fret, you can get many of the same benefits of a bone broth in a nourishing vegetable broth, and we are here to tell you how. 

Why Should I Drink Vegetable Broth?

There are a lot of lifestyle diets and allergy sensitive diets out there, and it is hard to find something that is delicious, satisfying, and full of nutrients that meet all of the different standards.

Paleo Friendly

If you are following a paleo diet, grains, dairy, legumes, sugar, and processed foods are out. Basically, any foods cavemen couldn’t eat, a person following paleo wouldn't eat either. Cavemen were hunters and gathers, and vegetables would have been a big part of a caveman diet, so it is safe to say vegetable broth is a great option on the paleo diet.

Preservative- and GMO-Free

The quality of vegetable broth comes directly from the quality of the vegetables used in the broth. Using vegetables that are organic and non-GMO, or genetically modified, ensures your broth will be free of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. 

As long as you store your veggie broth properly, your broth does not need preservatives. Broth can be stored in the fridge for up to four days, and it is safe in the freezer for up to six months. 

On the other hand, if you purchase a veggie broth, make sure it is made with non-GMO ingredients and zero preservatives, like our Veggie Broth with Plant Protein.

Vegan and Dairy-Free

Vegetable broth is made with veggies, spices, and seasonings, and is completely vegan. There should not be any dairy products in a pure vegetable broth. 


While some soups and stocks may need gluten to thicken it, veggie broth is not one of those. Making your own broth ensures you are free of any allergies, like gluten. If you are purchasing a stock, make sure you read the ingredient list well. Gluten can be snuck into food items that you wouldn't suspect.

What Are the Benefits of Vegetable Broth?

Drinking vegetable broth provides full-body nourishment. Here are a few ways veggie broth can add to your healthy lifestyle. 

Helps Boost Immunity

Vegetables are full of important vitamins and minerals that promote immune health. When you reduce those vegetables down into an easily digestible broth, your body can smoothly absorb those nutrients. Beta-carotene, vitamin C, and vitamin E are all great antioxidants that support the immune system.

Helps Increase Energy

Protein and carbohydrates provide your body with energy. Vegetable broth is packed with both of these nutrients. Not only does the broth give you these nutrients from the veggies inside, drinking broth does not make you feel overly full and weigh you down. 

Helps Support Healthy Digestion

Collagen is important for healing the gut and supporting digestive health. While collagen from animal products wouldn't be found in a vegetable broth, the body can make its own collagen using vitamin C, zinc, and copper, which should all be found in a well-balanced vegetable broth. 

The balance of good bacteria in the gut is crucial for digestion health. Adding fermented foods like miso can provide good bacteria. Kelp and sweet potatoes add a good source of fiber, which can be used as food for good bacteria. 

Help Decrease Inflammation

Reducing the amount of inflammation in the body can protect your body in many ways, including maintaining regular heart health and metabolic function. Most vegetables, like onions, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and spinach, as well as herbs such as parsley and thyme, are great for reducing inflammation. 

Nourishing Vegetable Broth Recipe

There are many recipes out there for nutrient dense veggie broths, but one of our favorites is this version by Minimalist Baker

Making vegetable broth can be time-consuming, though. Using Kroma Wellness’ Veggie Broth with Plant Protein is a delicious alternative that is simple and convenient and provides you with the same nourishing benefits as a homemade broth. 

Our whole goal is to make superfoods easy and accessible, remember? 


The key to a nourishing vegetable broth is what you put into it. 

One trick is to save all of your veggie scraps (onion skin, potato and carrot peels, broccoli stems, and ends of the celery) in a freezer safe container. Once it is full, you can use those scraps for your broth. 

  • Key ingredients for a nourishing veggie broth are onions, carrots, celery, leafy green veggies, sweet potatoes, and mushrooms. Really, any veggies you have on hand will be great. 
  • Don’t forget herbs, too. Parsley, thyme, cilantro, and bay leaf, all add great flavor and are very nutritious. 
  • Spices like turmeric, garlic, ginger, miso, and black pepper are all crucial to the taste of your broth. Plus, they add great antioxidant benefits! 

Step-By-Step Instructions

Once you have your ingredients, heat a large stock pot and add a tablespoon of avocado oil or coconut oil. Sauté the onion, carrots, and celery until softened. Sprinkle them with black pepper and a little salt. Pour in your water, and add in the rest of the veggies. Bring your broth up to a boil and then reduce to a simmer. 

The flavor will develop the longer it cooks, so let it simmer for at least 30 minutes, but an hour is even better. Don’t forget to taste it near the end to make sure you like the flavor. You may need to add in more seasonings, like salt and pepper, to get the flavor you want. 

Once your broth is finished, pour it through a fine mesh strainer. You are left with a luscious, nutritious broth. You can drink it on its own or use it as the base to your favorite soup. While nutrition values will vary depending on the vegetables used, a single serving provides around 40 calories, two grams of protein, two grams of fiber, and a ton of vitamins and minerals. 


Now that you know all the amazing health benefits vegetable broth has to offer and how to make a nourishing broth at home, all that is left to do is enjoy!

At Kroma Wellness, we know not everyone has time to make homemade veggie broth on the regular. That is why we have created a delicious, convenient broth full of nourishing superfoods. 

If you’re ready to go beyond the broth and work on making superfoods part of your everyday wellness routine, try our 5-Day Lifestyle Reset.



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