PSA: Why Cleanses Are Dead

Kroma founder Lisa Odenweller talks to Molly Sims about the difference between an unhealthy cleanse and a nourishing Reset.


For a long time, you wouldn’t get very far in the wellness world without coming across a “cleanse.” From juices to soups, there were cleanses promising everything from detoxing to weight loss. But many were doing more harm than good. 


“I’d watch my friends party from Thursday to Sunday, [then] juice fast from Monday to Wednesday so they could fit back into their skinny jeans on Thursday,” recalled Lisa Odenweller, Kroma founder. “I was like, I’m not a doctor, but I know this is not good for you.”


During a recent interview with Molly Sims on her podcast “Lipstick on the Rim,” Odenweller opened up to the model, actress, and mom about her lifelong wellness journey and what ultimately led her to launching her own brand that aims to help people nourish their bodies instead of depleting them. 


“It’s always been about how do we really change this? How do we make it about nourishment?” Odenweller said. “How do we make it so that you’re really nourishing your body? We’re not taking things away—we’re actually putting good things in your body that help you thrive, not feel deprived, not feel like you can’t exercise, can’t show up for your kids, can’t show up for your family.” Instead of a cleanse, Kroma offers Resets that help re-establish healthy habits with functional nutrition that’s convenient, flavorful, and customizable. The Signature Reset, for instance, includes 50 nutrient-dense meals, snacks and beverages  (10 servings per day for five days), to ensure you are fueled and nourished. “One thing that really sets the Reset apart from everything else I have tried thus far, it tastes amazing, I’m not going to lie,” Sims shared. “The porridge [and the] OMG cookie butter [are] amazing products.”


In addition to providing delicious meals that don’t require any overthinking, Kroma Resets are built with longevity in mind. “[This] gets lost in cleanse culture, but I care more about what happens after [the Reset] than the Reset itself,” Odenweller said. “Because that’s where real transformation happens.” Each Reset is about shifting habits and behavior in the present so you’re empowered to continue on your well-being journey for the long-term. The program is customizable, meaning you can add or remove what doesn’t serve you and your current goals.


One cornerstone of Kroma Resets are the caffeine alternatives, like the Beauty Matcha Latte. Other “cleanse” programs completely remove caffeine, causing issues like lethargy, headaches, and mood swings, just to name a few. And the reality is, most people end up right back to drinking coffee anyway. 


“Let’s just be realistic about this,” Odenweller said. “Because if we take it away, like every other program, you’re going to be miserable for three days. I love matcha because not only does it totally create this beautiful balance of energy without the jitters, the anxiety, and irritability, it’s better on digestion. It’s the best mood enhancer ever and when you start your day with that, to me it is brilliant.” Sims wholeheartedly agreed: “It’s delicious, it’s so beautiful, and it’s easy,” she said. “For me, for someone who was always on the go, as a mom, working on a sports field, in a studio, it’s so easy to take with me.”

Listen to the podcast in its entirety to hear the full backstory behind Kroma, and for more info about the nourishing superfoods you will discover when you try a 5-Day Lifestyle Reset for yourself.