How To Eat Healthy While Traveling

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, eating healthy can feel a bit overwhelming. There will likely be indulgent dinners, late nights, and busy days. It’s hard to know how to keep your wellness routine on track when your on the go. 

We know how important it is to eat well to feel your best, and with a few tips and tricks, traveling shouldn't get in the way of that. Keep reading to learn how to keep a well-balanced meal plan on the road and what foods you should prioritize on your trip. 

How Can I Maintain a Well-Balanced Diet While Traveling?

When traveling, it is easy to grab food on the go that may not be a healthy option, but If you do a little work before you go, eating healthy while traveling doesn't have to be difficult. Here are a few of our tips to help keep your health and wellness journey on track. 

Plan Out a Meal Schedule Before Embarking

Once you have your travel plans complete, start your meal schedule plan. While you are on the go, it is easy to lose track of time and forget a meal or two. When you finally realize you are dizzyingly hungry, you may get cravings for foods that don't serve your overall health. 

If you generally eat at about the same time each day, schedule those eating times into your traveling itinerary. This schedule can help you stick to your healthy eating goals.

Kroma’s On-The-Go / Vegan bundle includes six sachets to help you stay nourished and fueled, even on your busiest days. Including our Ultimate Vitality Golden Milk Latte, Super Porridge, Cranberry Hydration Elixir, Blueberry Immunity Smoothie, Veggie Broth with Miso + Plant Protein, and Supergreens Elixir, our On-The-Go bundle supplies you with whole food solutions packed with nutrients.

Research Dining Options Near Your Destination

Once you have your meal schedule finalized, start researching the areas around your location for dining options. Have a plan for restaurants that serve healthy food options instead of relying on fast food. 

If you are on vacation with friends or on a business trip where dinners are planned, you may not be able to control where you eat for each meal. If this is your situation, see if you can get a list of the itinerary to know where you will be eating. Research the menus online and pick out healthy meals so you have a plan. 

Pack Healthy Snacks

You will likely need a snack at some point while on the road. To help eliminate the need to pick a snack that may not be the healthiest choice, make sure to pack nourishing, healthy snacks. Kroma’s Superfood Snacks, like our OMG Cookie Butter or Super Porridge, are packed with protein, healthy fats, and antioxidants to keep your energy up while traveling. Our Super Porridge even comes in convenient individual packs for easy on-the-go nutrition. 

Other snacks that are perfect for throwing in your bag in case you need a little bite on the move are protein bars, jerky, and nuts. Make sure to choose snacks that are not full of sugar or unnecessary additives. Be careful with dried fruits or trail mix. These often have a lot of added sugars, which may trigger your hunger signals even more.

Opt for Produce From Convenience Stores

If you are on a road trip, convenience and grocery stores are commonplace to stop and grab snacks. When you are run down from the drive and need a little pick me up, steer away from the junk food isles. Often, the perimeter of the stores is where the healthiest options are found. 

Look for fruits and veggies in a variety of colors to give you nutrients and energy during your drive. Hummus is a great dip for veggies with tons of protein from chickpeas. You can also take out the OMG Cookie Butter that you have packed and dip some apples in it. 

Choose Healthier Airline Snacks

If you forgot to grab snacks while rushing out the door to your flight, most airlines offer in-flight snacks. Pick a snack that adds to your health, like peanuts. Snacks like potato chips, cookies, or pretzels offer little nutritional benefits. Most airlines don’t have the best options 30,000 ft up, so you may want to stop by a shop in the airport to find an option that aligns with your health and wellness goals. On the other hand, you can also come prepared with our 1-Day Reset and use your travel day as a Reset day!

When the drink cart comes by, opt for a beverage with little to no sugar content. Water, tea, or coffee are great choices for when you're in the air. 

Aim for Three Regular Meals

Traveling can throw you completely out of your routine — which is why that meal schedule is so important — try to eat three well-balanced meals a day. 

Start your day with a healthy breakfast — high protein and high fiber breakfasts can leave you feeling full longer. Don’t try to skip lunch in order to have a larger dinner, as this will likely lead to overeating. Each meal is an important piece for overall health. 

Drink Enough Water

When you are traveling, you are out of your normal routine. It may be hard to remember to drink your daily dose of water. Even mild dehydration can cause headaches, muscle cramps, and tiredness. One way to ensure you are staying hydrated is by bringing along an insulated water bottle. 

Before you go, calculate how many water bottles you need to drink in a day to hit your water intake goal. Try making a point to hit your goal each day. 

If you're struggling with your water intake, set reminders on your phone for drinking water breaks.

Eat Mindfully

Mindful eating is a state of non-judgmental awareness while consuming food. This may look like slowly chewing food, practicing diaphragmatic breathing before eating, and listening to your body for hunger and satiety cues. By being in the moment while eating, you can better listen to your body's needs. Eating mindfully can also help reduce stressful feelings and allow you to have better digestion.

What Kinds of Foods Should I Focus on While Traveling?

Whether you are packing your own food while traveling or relying on convenience stores and restaurants, it's important to pick the right kinds of food. Your energy levels and enjoyment of your travels may directly reflect how you are nourishing your body. 

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Whenever possible, prioritize fresh fruits and veggies. These are the foundation for a healthy diet. Try to eat a variety of fruits and veggies in all the colors of the rainbow. They are packed with vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, and fiber. 

Whole Grains and High Fiber Foods

Foods high in fiber, like whole grains, are amazing for helping you stay full longer and offer a ton of energy. Your body digests fiber at a slower rate, giving you that lasting energy. 

We always suggest opting for gluten-free grains like quinoa, oats, and brown rice. Gluten can cause feelings of bloated-ness and sluggishness for some, so it may be best to steer clear when you can. Kroma’s Super Porridge is packed with almond meal, hemp seeds, rolled oats, and flaxseed meal for a delicious, nutritious, gluten-free way to fuel your travel day.

Lean Proteins

Skinless, white meat poultry, white fish, lean beef, and tofu are all healthy lean proteins. Protein is important for the health of every single cell in your body, and it also helps you to stay full longer on those long traveling days. Our Blueberry Acai Plant Protein Smoothie features chocho plant protein alongside blueberry, goji, and acai for a protein and antioxidant-packed pick-me-up.

Hydrating Beverages

Opt for an antioxidant-packed matcha tea if you need that morning pick-me-up while traveling. Unlike coffee, matcha offers an energy boost without that dreaded crash. Instead of buying a potentially sugar-laden drink at a coffee shop, pack Kroma's Beauty Matcha Latte Powder in your bag for an easy, delicious way to start your day. Our matcha even has added collagen protein for an extra boost. 

What Should I Eat After Long Travels?

Situations come up while traveling that you can’t always plan for — flights get delayed, traffic jams happen, and even an impromptu happy hour pops up during your trip. 

Since you will be armed with our healthy tips (and hopefully our individually packaged Super Porridge Packs), you’ll be ready for anything. There are times of indulgence when traveling, so here are a couple of great tips to follow to get you back on your health goals. 

Aim for Essential Nutrients

Don’t beat yourself up about a few slip-ups — if you're feeling a little sluggish after traveling, our 5-Day Reset can help you get back on track. Our Reset is full of nutrient-dense superfoods that are delicious and convenient to make, especially during those busy first days back from traveling. 

Your sleep can also take a hit while traveling. Try our Calming + Restore Magnesium to help you get back on your sleeping schedule.

Avoid Sugary Snacks

Traveling can be exhausting, and trying to get back into your normal routine can be tough. Try to avoid those sugary snacks you might be craving; it will only leave your energy crashing and craving more. 

The Bottom Line

If you have a trip planned, your whole health and wellness routine doesn’t have to suffer. By making a plan and sticking to it, eating well-balanced meals and snacks, and staying hydrated, you can continue to reach the goals you have set. 

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring. With Kroma you can take convenient, nutrient-rich superfood snacks and beverages with you wherever you go. 


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