How I Reset: Kroma Co-Founder Alex Rodal

You would never know it, but Kroma’s Co-Founder and CEO wasn’t always as health-minded as he is now: in his thirties, Alex Rodal found himself thriving at work in real estate, but the stress of his job was causing major digestive issues. So, he made a conscious choice to trade a prominent career for his health, and pursued his passion for horses by becoming a professional Show Jumper and Horse Dealer. He also discovered Crossfit and started to get into great shape. It was around that time that he met Kroma’s founder, Lisa Odenweller, right when she was beginning to formulate Kroma’s Daily Essentials


What began as a (healthy) obsession with Kroma’s superfoods developed into a partnership; Alex brought his financial and operational expertise as an Investment Banker and Angel Investor to build the business with Lisa. Now Kroma isn’t just a job but a way of life for him:  “Monday I do the 1-Day Reset, and Tuesday through Thursday I use Kroma for 'Everything but Dinner,'" he says. “During the weekend I eat pretty much what I want, though not surprisingly the Matcha Latte and OMG Cookie Butter pre-workout is a daily must-have.” 

After a trip or the holidays, Alex — who is also a father to two children — will do the 5-Day Reset; “It’s a great teacher. To me, the long term benefits of Kroma are more correlated with the post-Reset habits and daily choices we make,” he says. “I pretty much live on Kroma every day, and I go on a lot fewer trips to the grocery store now.” Here are his Reset takeaways: 


DAY 1 


“The first time I ever did the 5-Day Reset I was a bit intimidated as I typically eat a lot. I started my Kroma journey by first living the ritual and lifestyle. Now, I live Kroma daily and Reset whenever I need it. I use our 1-Day Reset as a fresh start to my Monday routine every week.” 


DAY 2 


“Had a great night's sleep! I would say the biggest benefit starting Day 2 was the mental clarity plus a full dose of energy. Urban legend says that Day 2 can often be the hardest — the key to success for me is to never go hungry. Good news, Kroma makes it very simple to stay full. I make my lattes with ½ non-dairy milk and ½ hot water. I always add veggies and protein to my broths and small portions of fruit to the porridge and smoothies.”


DAY 3 


“By now the Reset is starting to feel like a routine and I set myself to cruise control. Sometimes I crave my sipping of tequila añejo to unwind after the day, but by Day 3 the craving is gone. Some people tend to miss the crunch of food, but I like to add cucumbers to my lunch and dinner (which helps with that!). I don’t hold back from a social dinner when I am on the Reset. I just make sure to drink my broth before I go, and all I have for dinner is a small portion of salmon and a side of steamed vegetables.” 


DAY 4 


“This is where it starts to get tricky — by now my mind is telling me not to stop. Yes, I miss my morning eggs and quesadillas, but I am very determined to not go back to some of my previous habits. I have my favorite Kroma Daily Essentials ready for Day 6 and beyond. It’s all worth it when I see my abs are back!”


DAY 5 


“Here is my regime: I do a 5-Day Reset after a big trip or the holidays, plus a weekly ‘Monday’ Reset. I stay as clean as possible during weekdays and only have that drink on weekends and with friends. And repeat. It is just incredible to me how profound the changes can be. Resetting is just part of my conviction that eating superfoods is one of the keys to longevity (as is exercise!).”