Healthy On-the-Go Food Perfect for Traveling

Getting into a healthy diet routine at home can become a healthy habit full of amazing benefits, but what happens when you have a trip planned? Can you be successful with your nutritious diet when you're on the go? 


Of course you can! With a little planning and a few Kroma Wellness Daily Essentials, you can be just as successful on the road as you are in the comfort of your kitchen. 


Come with us as we explore the basic rules of healthy eating and what foods are perfect to meet these goals on the go. We’ll also share helpful tips for keeping with a healthy diet when traveling and explain why sticking to eating healthy foods is so beneficial. Finally, we share some suggestions on preparing food to take with you on the go and how you can keep eating healthy after traveling. 


What Are the Basic Rules for Eating Healthy?

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are five basic rules to keep in mind.

  1. Eat more vegetables and fruits. Look for produce that includes all the different colors of the rainbow. Each color offers unique phytonutrients, which are key to supporting cell health and overall wellness. 

  2. Focus on whole foods like whole grains, lean meats, legumes, seeds, and nuts. Our on-the-go Super Porridge packs make nutrition simple.

  3. Skip the highly processed foods. These are severely lacking in nutrients and may cause adverse health effects. 

  4. Cut or seriously limit your sugar intake. There are so many options to curb that sweet tooth while offering some nutrition, unlike your basic white table sugar. For example, the OMG Cookie Butter from Kroma Wellness provides just enough sweetness by using limited Coconut Palm Sugar, Maple Syrup, and Monk Fruit

  5. Stay hydrated. Adequate hydration can help regulate your appetite while also supporting your overall wellness. Our Cranberry Hydration Elixir levels up your everyday hydration routine in a delicious and beneficial way.

    What Are Some Healthy On-the-Go Foods?

    While you are traveling, cooking elaborate meals is likely the last thing on your mind. Here are a few easy options to pack — or choose from a menu — to eat while away from home. To make it super simple, we have the Kroma On-The-Go/Vegan pack that keeps you eating healthy wherever you go. 



    For breakfast, choose options that are filling. High-fiber foods with healthy fats are perfect for breakfast because they fill you up and leave you feeling full longer.


    Our Super Porridge is convenient on the go and absolutely delicious. With Rolled Oats, Flax Seeds, Chocho Powder, and other nutrient-dense ingredients, it is full of fiber, healthy fats, and protein to help fuel your body for the day. 



    When you're on the go, you’ll want lunch options that are quick to make and easy to take with you. A generous serving of veggies and hummus can be ideal for lunch on the go. 


    You can also choose our gut-supporting 24K Chicken Bone Broth, which can be brought with you anywhere. It has been slow-cooked and carefully dried, keeping all of the beneficial nutrients. Simply add hot water, and you have satisfying bone broth. 



    There are many healthy recipes to finish off your day with healthy foods. Gluten-free tacos with black beans and grilled chicken, topped with slices of avocado, provide you with many of the nutrients you need to complete your daily needs. 


    Rice bowls are another satisfying option for dinner. With a brown rice or quinoa base, top it with roasted and raw veggies to complete your meal. Include roasted chickpeas to boost the complete protein content. 



    Snacks are important to keep with you to boost your energy levels between meals. A super easy snack that provides you with nine essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals is our amazing Smoothies. Take your smoothie powder with you, along with the Kroma Frother, and you can whip up your smoothie anywhere you are. 


    Whether you are having a busy day or traveling on vacation, it's important to have a list of foods that are easy to take or grab on the go. Granola or trail mix with no added sugar is a great option to throw in your day bag, along with protein bars and snack-sized nut butter like peanut butter. If you have a cooler, you can bring travel-sized cups of low-fat Greek yogurt or cottage cheese.


    Dried fruit can also be a healthy option on the go if you look for those without added sugar. Dried apricots, cranberries, and prunes are great options. Consuming dried fruits can increase your daily fiber, potassium, and polyunsaturated fat intake, offering a higher-quality diet. 


    If you can’t help but swing through a drive-thru, there are always more healthy options on every menu. Most fast-food restaurants have a salad on their menu with a vinaigrette dressing option for example. 


    How Do You Eat Healthy While Away From Home?

    If you plan to be away from home for a few days, there are many ways you can eat healthy while away. Here are some tips for sticking to your food goals. 


    Plan Ahead

    Once you have your travel plans set, the next thing you should do is plan out your food options. Plan for snacks and meals you can pack to take with you. These foods can be non-perishable foods you can pack in your luggage or foods you can take in a cooler if you have that option. 


    Our On-The-Go/Vegan pack contains everything you need to stay nourished and on the move during your travels.


    Of course, when you're traveling, you will likely want to enjoy the local cuisine. Look at the restaurant options near your lodging, and check out the menus. If you have a plan before walking into the restaurant, you may be more inclined to pick the healthy food choice you researched. 


    Remember the Two-Hour Rule

    The two-hour rule says you should never leave perishable foods out of the refrigerator for more than two hours. If the temperature in the room is over 90℉, then food should only be left out for one hour. 


    Following this rule can reduce your risk of consuming illness-causing bacteria from food. If you are unable to travel with a cooler, make sure to keep this rule in mind.

    This is all the more reason to bring pre-packaged nutritious, superfood-rich Kroma foods with you on your trip!


    Wash Your Hands

    Healthy food isn’t only about what nutrients are found in the food. It is also important to keep yourself healthy by washing your hands before eating. When you are traveling, this is especially true. 


    Make Time for Food

    With a packed travel itinerary, it is easy to let meal times go by without eating. Once you realize you are hungry, you may reach for food that is not on your healthy food plan. If you need it, set reminders on your phone every few hours to grab a quick, healthy snack. 


    When food is the last thing on your mind, focus on foods with healthy fats. These can fill you up and give you energy. Healthy fats also support brain health, keeping your mind focused during travels. Our OMG Cookie Butter is full of healthy fats from sources like Raw Almond Butter, Coconut Butter, and Coconut Oil to keep you feeling full and energized.


    What Are the Benefits of Eating Healthy Foods on the Go?

    Eating healthy is a habit created over time. It is easy to slip back into eating the Standard American Diet, which may not provide the nutrients you need for optimal health. Stick with eating healthy foods while on the go to help you continue your healthy habit. 


    Healthy foods may also boost your immunity, which can be essential when traveling. Supporting your immune system while traveling may help you fight any viruses you may encounter.


    How Can You Prepare Healthy Food for Traveling?

    Meal planning for your travels doesn’t have to be difficult. Before heading to the grocery store, sit down and meal prep a few healthy meals and snacks for your time away from home. Here are some tips to help you prepare healthy food to bring with you. 


    Bring Your Kroma Frother

    A handheld frother is the perfect companion for on-the-go lattes and smoothies. Our Beauty Matcha Starter Kit includes our Kroma Frother alongside our Beauty Matcha Latte so you can enjoy a delicious drink while traveling. 


    You can even use your frother to make simple and delicious smoothies on the go — like our Blueberry Acai Plant Protein Smoothie with organic Chocho Plant Protein.


    Use a Cooler

    Coolers can be a lifesaver for bringing healthy foods with you as you travel. If traveling by car, you can bring a large cooler to fit in more food options. 


    If you are traveling by air, you may need to be selective in what you choose to put in a smaller cooler and make sure you don't pack any liquids if the cooler is your carry-on.


    Your cooler can pack your produce to keep it fresh longer. 


    Wash Produce

    Washing produce can be a pain, especially in a small hotel sink. Take the time to wash any produce before you leave. You can even chop your leafy greens for salads, red peppers for snacking, or zucchinis for salads or sauteing before you go. Put them in airtight containers to extend their freshness. 


    Side note — if you are packing berries, don't wash them ahead of time. It is best to wash berries right before you are ready to eat them. 


    Carry Disinfectant Wipes and Hand Sanitizer

    While traveling, handwashing isn’t always an option before you eat. Make sure your hand sanitizer is in your bag before you head out the door. 


    Pack disinfectant wipes to wipe down your eating surface or the area you may prep food in your hotel. 


    Pack Healthy Portable Snacks

    Don't forget about those healthy snacks. Instead of reaching for the candy bar at the next rest stop or in the airport terminal, pack our OMG Cookie Butter. We have created a crave-able snack packed full of nuts and seeds to fuel you until your next meal. 


    How Can I Keep Eating Healthy When My Travels Finish?

    When you get home from a long trip, you may feel exhausted from the events and overwhelmed by the lack of food options in your house. 


    Instead of calling up your local pizzeria, start the 5-Day Lifestyle Reset. After a trip is a perfect opportunity to dial in your healthy eating habits. Travel isn’t a perfect science, so you may have had a meal or two that weren’t to your healthy standards, and that's okay. We are all human, and experiencing the moment with colleagues, friends, or family is important. 


    The 5-Day Lifestyle Reset is a complete five-day plan with breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and beverages that can provide the nutrients you need to nourish your body. Once your five days are through, you will feel refreshed and energized to continue with your healthy food choices. 


    The Bottom Line

    Eating healthy on the go doesn't have to be overly difficult. It may take a little extra work in the planning process, but once you have your food options planned out and have prepped and packed food for your trip, you’ll be happy you took those extra moments to feel your healthiest while traveling. 


    When you are looking to eat healthy on the go, Kroma Wellness is there for you. Our delicious options are packed full of essential nutrients in easy-to-make, convenient packaging. 


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