Head of Marketing

Inspired by the belief that food is medicine, Kroma is on a mission to simplify how people integrate functional superfood nutrition into everyday life while making it taste so good, you won’t believe it’s this good for you. We have scanned the world to find the most nutrient dense, high integrity, sustainably sourced superfood ingredients available. We are at the forefront of the wellness space, pioneering new approaches and moving with incredible speed. Now that we are officially launched, it’s time to grow Kroma into the wellness brand of the future. As Kroma’s Head of Marketing, you will be responsible for and overseeing all aspects of growth, retention, brand, engineering and Kroma’s funnel. You will work to ensure maximum impact of all acquisition initiatives, ensuring efficient CACs and maximum ROAS, as well as creating and optimizing a personalized, efficient, and measurable customer experience with maximum LTV and retention. The right candidate will be able to use their deep understanding of analytics to create new programs in increasingly inventive ways while protecting and enhancing Kroma’s brand positioning and customer experience. It’s essential that this person have strong analytical experience and a proven track record of building data-backed strategies. This role is remote.


Role + Responsibilities

  • Build and execute a holistic marketing strategy for Kroma to drive maximum growth, ROI and retention
  • Oversee and grow a best in class marketing team
  • Build a best in class channel strategy, leveraging partners and best practices to drive maximum ROAS.
  • Lead consumer insights and ensure insights are reflected in marketing materials and programming
  • Analyze, refine, and improve campaigns to ensure programs deliver strong return for the brand
  • Develop an overall lifecycle marketing roadmap to convert new and retain existing Kroma subscribers with relevant, timely, and targeted communications across channels
  • Manage marketing budget to drive increased efficiency
  • Grow and nurture Kroma’s brand voice and content production across all channels
  • Optimize Kroma’s current channel programs through best-in-class content marketing and segmentation relevant to each customer’s lifecycle
  • Utilize data and strategic insights to create new initiatives and programs that support the holistic marketing strategy
  • Benchmark competition and develop recommendations on best-in-class marketing practices



  • 10+ years of experience in marketing, with a minimum of 5+ years working in high growth, D2C brands
  • A proven track record of great people management - hiring, mentoring and leading
  • Experience in driving successful programs through key communications channels such as email, push, in-app messaging, re-targeting, and SMS
  • Experience leading growth for D2C brands, driving maximum ROAS
  • A strong pulse on best-in-class marketing practices, including personalization, acquisition, email deliverability and innovative customer approach
  • Deep data analytics skills with a strong test and learn background
  • Deep segmentation skills in order to deliver the right message, to the right cohorts and the right time
  • Strong project management skills including conceptualization, driving alignment, planning resources, managing deadlines and objectives, delivering analysis and recommendation
To apply, please email careers@kromawellness.com with the role title in the subject line and include your resume